SPP Pension & Försäkring
Rethinking pension services


SPP, a large pension provider in Scandinavia, was facing the challenge of a growing disinterest in pension services among younger generations. Our student team was briefed with developing a newer and more relevant pension service.

Conducting Interviews, Trend Research, Service Design


We used trend mapping and conducted qualitative interviews to gain insights on Swedish pension plan users. One of the biggest insights was that many of them did not have any relation to their pension plans. "I just chose one of them when I got my job." - this was a statement that we documented over and over.

We wanted to create a pension service that would enable people to invest in local businesses - hoping that this would make them be more interested and active with their pensions. To prove our point to SPP, we went out and shot a documentary about small business owners and retirees in a Swedish suburb.


Our platform concept, called "Greenlight", would give SPP customers an overview of new businesses in their local community. They could then choose to support ideas with a small part of their pension savings and get personal rewards from the businesses.